NAVITIME travel – Yunotsu Onsen

One of Japan’s lesser known hot spring resort towns, Yunotsu Onsen has a somewhat old-fashioned feel but that’s part of its appeal. Shimane is the second least populated prefecture in Japan, so it’s a great place to go to get away from it all.

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2 thoughts on “NAVITIME travel – Yunotsu Onsen

  1. Hi Thomas,

    The fact that this is a sleepy, getaway type town makes it up my alley. Factor in a rugged, dramatic coast line and I am in. I’ve yet to visit Japan but my wife taught English in Hiroshima for a year before we met, some 10 years ago. She loves the place. Calls it Wonderfully Weird in some ways and deeply enjoys the culture and kindness of the Japanese people.



    1. Hi Ryan,

      I would certainly recommend that part of Japan if you like sleepy getaway type places, the whole region evokes that kind of feeling!
      And your wife is right on all of those fronts, so you should certainly aim to make a trip over some time. Thanks for the message!



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