Autumn leaf-viewing spots in Japan

As the hot and humid Japanese summer becomes something of a distant memory (or half-remembered sweaty nightmare), the cool, crisp air and shorter days signal the start of “koyo” season, the changing color of the leaves in autumn. While spring cherry blossom season (“hanami”) is a short, vibrant celebration of spring beauty and anticipation of … More Autumn leaf-viewing spots in Japan

All you need to know to climb Mt. Fuji (2020 update)

* Special update for 2020: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all trails to the summit are closed for the entire 2020 climbing season. There are gates, barricades and security cameras at all four trailheads, and all facilities, transport links and mountain huts are closed. Please wait until 2021 to climb Mt. Fuji, or just admire … More All you need to know to climb Mt. Fuji (2020 update)

The Japan Times – Hiking the precipitous spine of central Honshu

I wrote a short feature for The Japan Times on hiking in the North Japan Alps recently; the article covers my three day hike from Kamikochi to Mt. Yari, across the notorious Daikiretto, before finally ascending the third highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Oku-Hotaka. I had a great weather window in late October last year, … More The Japan Times – Hiking the precipitous spine of central Honshu

Discover Miyazaki

Miyazaki Prefecture in eastern Kyushu is one of Japan’s hidden gems, with miles of wonderful coastline, superb mountainous scenery and legends and history at every turn. With good rail connections and even a regular ferry service from Kobe and Osaka, getting there couldn’t be simpler too! Here are some of the best sights: Takachiho This … More Discover Miyazaki

Must-See Japan – Paperback Version!

Must-See Japan is now available in paperback! Concise and practical guidebook for discovering the best places to visit, valuable insider tips and useful advice for planning your trip to Japan. Updated and improved for 2017! Super low price for a limited time! Available now (also for kindle, smartphones and tablets) at: Amazon (UK) – Must-See Japan – Paperback Version!