Must-See Japan – Paperback Version!


Must-See Japan is now available in paperback! Concise and practical guidebook for discovering the best places to visit, valuable insider tips and useful advice for planning your trip to Japan.

Updated and improved for 2017!

Super low price for a limited time!


Available now (also for kindle, smartphones and tablets) at:

Amazon (UK) –

Amazon (US) –


Must-See Japan includes:

• Insider tips and advice on when and where is best to visit, so you won’t miss a thing
• Detailed itineraries for making the most of your Japanese adventure
• Travel advice, including information on rail passes, trains and buses
• Lists everything from hotels, hot springs and restaurants, to best Wi-Fi options and must-do activities
• Useful direct links to websites with all the latest information
• Practical advice on what to do and how to do it, drawing on the personal experience of the author, a long-term resident of Japan
• Quickly find the information you need with guides to each region and city
• Small and compact size, so you can take it anywhere
• Unbeatable value for a guide packed with a decade’s worth of firsthand and trustworthy advice

3 thoughts on “Must-See Japan – Paperback Version!

  1. I just purchased your wonderful Must-See Japan book, and it has proved really useful in planning my second visit to this amazing country. I do have a question however, regarding eki-ben, we expected to find them ubiquitously, well at the train stations anyway! Unfortunately we didn’t ever see them for sale, and we traveled extensively on our JR pass for 5 weeks, and most often in the mornings. Do you have any tips regarding sourcing these elusive snacks? Thank you, Sara

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    1. Hi Sara, thanks very much for your kind words! I’m glad the book has proved to be useful. Regarding the eki-ben lunch boxes, they are usually available in the convenience stores on train platforms, or in bigger stations, there will be dedicated lunchbox stands and shops, sometimes with plastic displays (just point to the one you want!). They are also sometimes sold on the trains themselves. They are most common at stations/platforms for long-distance trains, especially the shinkansen (bullet train), so look there instead of on regular commuter lines. They are usually very easy to find, and usually come in plastic boxes, although fancier ones can be made from wood (or faux-wood!). Hope that helps a bit!
      Also, if you have chance to leave a review of my book on amazon I’d be extremely grateful! Thanks again, and happy travels 🙂


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